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MegaToyz LLC

MegaToyz LLC


About Us

MegaToyz LLC., headquartered in Monmouth Oregon is a 2020 startup that seeks to import, manufacture, and deliver small-scale construction equipment rides, parts, and service. The inspiration for MegaToyz originated in Kapolei Hawaii during a family vacation. While on the island, a visit to the local “pumpkin patch” revealed a unique attraction intended for kids and young adults: the coin-operated mini excavator ride. These electric over hydraulic heavy equipment simulation machines had long lines of kids and parents waiting to get their 4-minute “experience”.
MegaToyz co-founders, Jon and Craig, knew immediately that they had never seen anything like this before on the mainland and pledged that they both wanted to find a way to bring this kind of experience home with them.
After hours of research and communication with multiple vendors on various continents, they realized that construction amusement equipment like the kids excavator ride and mini crane ride are not manufactured anywhere in the USA. There are currently two venues in the northeastern corner of the United States that have endeavored to purchase and market this experience. Both sites operating excavator kiddie rides have indicated great success by positive visitor feedback on social media.
The first mini digger arrived at MegaToyz headquarters in early February 2020 for testing and product development. The business team is currently evaluating the market and is receiving energized responses. A growing backlog of pre-orders is active for machines that will be available in the spring and summer of 2020.


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